Final Presentation

Process: The above is my final presentation for comm 125.  It is a portfolio of all of the projects that I have done over the semester.  Most of the work was already done, but I did go in and make a few changes in some of my projects. In my Tasteful Typography, I moved my body text closer to my title and brought the repeating design elements below the text. I altered the subtitle bar in my Social Media sample so that my store name was contained in it to allow readers to identify the post with my brand. I then altered my Web Design to remove the tangent created by the body text, realigned the header text so that it wasn’t distorted and added a new picture that was sharper. I also altered the four slides that I picked from the Power Point project. I added greater contrast in my titles by changing the font and I reduced the repeating graphic and placed it further away from the text.

After I made the changes I inserted the images of each project into its own page in a new Power Point presentation. I altered the repeating design bar’s color at the bottom of the page to reflect a color from the image and brought continuity to the project. I then created a cover and closing page for an introduction and closing of the slide show.

Audience and Message:  My audience for this project is potential employers and for my family and friends.  I wanted my message to show that I have learned a lot from the course and built my skill levels from the ground up to where now I am able to manage these programs.
Critique:  I received several critiques from my fellow students through our Facebook page.  Susan and Daysi didn’t offer much changes to make and Matt suggested I change the font for more contrast in my titles.  I did change the font style and color for my name to make it pop a little more.  In the individual slides I decided to stay with the same font and just add a slight shadow to add contrast.  I really wanted something simple and consistent for my project.  Sister Peterson offered a critique via email to make certain that my headlines and projects were aligned.  I rechecked them and verified that they were on the same grid lines for justified right side alignment, so I pretty much left them alone.  I did follow a suggestion from one of the video critiques to enlarge my project images, I managed this by lowering my repeating element bar to the very bottom of the page so that I had more room for my projects.

I really enjoyed this class and all of the fun techniques that I learned about visual communication and design.  I will have to remember to practice, practice, practice them so that I don’t forget.

Font:  Name: Baskerville Old Face – category Oldstyle; Bar titles: Arial Bold – category Sans Serif.

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Magazine Layout Project



Shape Map

Shape Map

Sketch[/captionSketch Sketch


The first step in my Magazine Layout Project was to create sketches and a shape map. I originally had selected a triadic color scheme for contrast. When I did my shape map and looked at my images I decided to revise that to a monochromatic green color scheme. After designing my shape map in InDesign, I attempted to insert my images and text. I soon found out that the images I had originally selected where not high enough quality for the project and had to spend time picking new images. Because of this change, I ended up redoing my entire project. Luckily for me InDesign came easier than Photoshop. The above is a rough draft, with a few changes left to be done. I want to alter the story as I have extra space to fill and I need to do a shape for my quote box.

Fonts: Body and Header Arial (sans serif) Subheader: Brush script (script)

Image Sources:


Rocky Point:

Critique: So after a video critique with Daysi in Goggle+ on Friday night, where she pointed out some spacing issues that I had and a few leftover hyphens I went in and made those adjustments. Susan also offered a critique in our Facebook group with some additional spacing glitches that I was able to fix. Our instructor suggested via email that I work on the proximity between my F and the rest of the title and to keep it all the same size. I made those adjustments as well. Then after printing a second copy I went back into InDesign and altered the opacity of the images because the images on the second page were printing much darker then the first page.  I also had problems with the top and bottom blue printing different colors even though I knew they were color matched with the eyedropper.  So I went in and discovered that they had different opacities, so I fixed that as well. I also matched the drop caps color to the title color for additional unity in my piece.

Here is a video presenting the final printed document.

And this is the final image

Final print copy

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WebDesign – Project 11A Comm 125








Process: I started this project by first deciding which company I was going to do this for. My Husband runs a non-profit, Alaska Hemophilia Association, and we are in the beginning stages of designing a webpage for his organization so I decided to run up a template for them. We looked over a few other websites and found features on a few that we liked and decided on what our navigation buttons would be. I then sat down and prepared sketches trying to blend a few of the things we liked into one idea. From there I located images that we liked and decided on a split complementary color scheme of red, teal, and muted orange.

After selecting a design shape and color scheme, I went into Photoshop and played with shapes to develop a shape map. I didn’t like the way that the flat teal looked in the header and footer so I found a really neat design technique on the web. The teal for the header and footer is created out of the mountain picture featured in the webpage. I first blurred it until there was no definition left, then I alter the highs, and shadow color scale. It is interesting to see how it turned out differently on the top and bottom. I believe it is because of where the photo was placed in the masking layer and how much sky vs. land was showing. I was very proud of the way the header turned out.

Critique: I received critique from Sister Peterson by email on Thursday as well as Susan and Cristy on our Facebook page. Most agreed that it look good. I was told to check the donate button and I realigned that so it wasn’t stretched. The Navigation bar needed work but even with the grid lines and everything showing that it lines up, it still looks a little off. I decided to let it go before I made it worse. I was able to clean up the lines on my swirl that were a little off when I had to walk away from the project after working on it for 6 hours. What a difference the break made. I was able to manage my text quickly and change my edges quickly after giving myself time to unwind. Overall I am very pleased with the final project.

Color Scheme: Split Complementary (red,teal,orange)

Fonts: Hightower-Decorative; Arial Bold – sans serif

Images: Alaska Hemophilia Association



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10A Comm 125 – On Golden Pond Movie Poster

Movie Poster

Movie Poster




Message/Audience: This assignment was to create a movie poster to introduce myself to a new group of co-workers.    I wanted the message to be bright and dreamy.  The poster is to reflect on the fact that my husband and I are nearing the time in our lives where it will soon be just the two of us and we are a little bit excited for the prospect.   We have two grown boys and our oldest daughter just graduate high school and is planning to attend college out of town.  When our youngest daughter, who is entering into her teenage years, decided she didn’t want to hang with mom and dad the other night, it caused us to realize that in only a few short years it will just be the two of us.  I remembered the movie On Golden Pond and thought that signified the phase that we are starting to prepare for.  The audience for this poster is mostly our friends and family and potential co-workers.

Critique Report:  I received a critique from Sister Peterson during the Wednesday video.  She made suggestions to blend my image a little more and ground or move the dog that was at my shoulder level in the photo.  She also suggested that I work on the typography a little more.  I also received critiques from Kayce, Cristy and Susan through our class Facebook page.  Typography and the placement of the dog were all discussed.

I tried a variety of things to change where Bailey was placed, but she proved to be as difficult to work with in Photoshop as she is in real life.  So I hid her behind the background by painting her out of that layer.  I also added highlights along the cutout lines of our image to soften it and blend it a bit more.

I worked with Ben our tutor for help with the typography and learning how to move and change text without accidentally deleting it each time I attempted to change it.    I was able to add a drop shadow and bevel to the Golden Pond and alter the size and layout.  Ben also made the suggestion to change the color and move our names, which I liked much better. He also suggested to lighten the bottom of the image to make the movie font more readable. I learned how to alter my brush for different effects and was able to achieve a better blend of the images.

Images:  The lake image was taken by me at Lake Cheney here in town.  I staged and framed the picture of my husband, me and Bailey; but because Bailey would move every time I did I had my son come out and actually capture the shot.

Fonts:  Title -HighTower (decorative); Actor Names and Coming Soon – Arial (sans serif);  Movie detail text – SF Movie Poster  Font (sans serif)

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Series of 12 Photo Project Redo

Ok, I refused to let Photoshop get the best of me so I sat with our wonderful tutor Ben, and he helped me fix my grid issues.  Well sort of anyway.  Still took me three hours, but I got it.

Grid Collection

Grid Collection


So this is my grid collection of the violin shots that I took.  The bow is a foreground focus.  The second image I actually laid on the ground and had my lovely assistant hold the violin as if she was playing.  Of interesting note that shot was taken at 11:00 p.m. and I was able to capture it without a flash.  I really liked the image in bottom left, I stood by Lexi and focused on her hand.  The stair rail and decking added really cool lines.  I did very small editing to these images, just mostly increasing the contrast and white and dark.  I did however take out a shadow with the stamp tool on the image that focuses on the tuning pegs.

Blended Photos

Blended Photos

This is the image I captured of my entire scene from a higher advantage point.  I blended it with a macro shot of the white lace placemat that it is sitting on.  The lighting for this shot was from the open window behind the subject and dimmed lighting from above.

Full Scene

Full Scene

This is the full scene taken from a traditional angle using the rule of thirds with the violin and and music book.  I liked the touch of the piano keys and the breaking barrier of the violin bow.  The lighting was late evening Alaska light at 10:30 at night and I used a soft blur effect to soften the picture.



This was my favorite edit.  I did crop the image to get a better leading edge.  I then darkened the image with a mask and added a blur of it.  I then removed the blur just on the top scroll to bring it into focus and add contrast.


This is my favorite image.  It was taken early the next morning at 6:00 a.m. to capture soft light that didn’t need a flash.  I like the way the violin captures a soft impression of what is behind it and the lines provided by the siding and the railing.  The lamp post hits on the third line along with the music and the violin is leading into the photo.  I did very little edits to this.  I did use lightspeed to increase the contrast and vibrance, and I used the stamp tool in Photoshop to take out a bright white spot on the violin.

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Failed attempt at 9A Photographic Project

violin_4 violin_3




I was so excited for this project.  I learned so much about lighting and camera angles.  I got my pictures taken early and my basic edits done and thought that I was set to go.

That is where the smooth road ended.  I quickly sank into the mire of photoshop.  The video tutorials made sense, and even with them playing and trying to follow along I was unable to finish my project.

So I am posting the pictures that I took in hopes of partial credit.

My subject was my violin and my title was going to be Violin Lessons.  I did basic edits in lightspeed with the contrast and color.  I found that the early morning light outdoors was the best.

I used photoshop to clean up some shadows and sharpen edges and adjust focus on a few images.  And I was able to get a macro shot in and blend the lace dolley with the looking down onto the violin.  I then removed the background from the violin show that it was more of a focal point.

The remainder of the images below are the ones that I chose to put in the graph, but I was unable to get them into the squares.

20150618-DSC_0068 20150618-DSC_0066 20150618-DSC_0059 20150618-DSC_0054 20150617-DSC_0036 20150617-DSC_0035 20150617-DSC_0024 20150617-DSC_0023


It really bums me out that I had such a hard time with the program, because I thought that I captured great images.

I was also unable to obtain critques because I was too late finishing the project.

Hope you enjoy the images anyways.

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8C LFC Photography Activity

Outdoor Light

Outdoor Light

Indoor Light

Indoor Light





Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds


Lead Room


So this week we got to play with photography.  After figuring out how to work the camera I borrowed it become fun.  The Alaska summer sun proved hard to deal with.   Even though all of the images where photographed between 8:00 p.m and 10:00 p.m. the sun was still at full power high in the horizon.

The outdoor image I took is the fountain at the local library.  While I desperately wanted to use it as my rule of third’s image, because of the angle of the sun, it turned out to be the best sky image I could obtain.  The indoor image was captured on the dinning room table with natural light filtering in from two windows on either side.

The foreground and background shots were also a compromised while at the duck pond at the library.  The ducks and geese where not cooperating for obtaining a good shot, so we used a flower that was broken by the side of the lake.  I also used the rule of thirds for this shot.

The rule of thirds photo was taken at Lake Hood, one of the busiest small plane airports in the nation.  The storage shed, plane and fence line all fall on the third lines.  I also took the lead room photo at Lake Hood.  While I had about 70 shots of planes taking off, the best image ended up being one of the parked planes that I was playing around with learning the camera.

I edited the photos in Lightroom and applied a watermark.  The editing process was fun and easy.  I cropped a few images and mostly applied contrast changes and a vignette.  I set the long edge to 1024 and exported the images to my desktop.  I really enjoyed the process and look forward to gaining experience taking photos.

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