I think I have discovered that I need to trust in my status as a child of God more and apply faith building situations to my life on a daily basis.  The same ole route, while better known, is not always the better way to go.

Let me give you a real life example.  Last semester we were given the opportunity to start a blog where we would record all of the neat things we were going to be learning about creating webpages.  We were promised that if taken seriously that this blog would become our most important asset for future adventures.  Now, this blog was suppose to be written in our own words and for us, and uhhh – published.  So you know immediately I was freaking out.  Come on, even as Beth (my sweet nice-in-law) can attest – technology and me just don’t get along.  She is still trying to get me up to speed on how to use the event feature in Facebook.   So I came to the assignment kicking and screaming, and wasn’t happy.

But, the instructor gave me an out.  It was a compromise – instead of blogging I could journal on my desk top.  Oh I was so much happier, didn’t have to learn anything technologically new (I mean dealing with learning to create a webpage was scary enough right?), and I was able to plug away down my well beaten path.

Well, now if I would have taken the road less traveled and had faith that Heavenly Father had me in the right class at the right time, I would right now be very comfortable with how WordPress works and wouldn’t be scrambling to learn it at the same time I am having to learn how to do photography, layout, Photoshop and all of the rest of the new extremely frightening technological things I have in store for me this semester.

This is just a minor simple little thing, but I could have used it to grow in knowledge of the program and to learn things about myself.  Building faith is the same way.  It’s the little things that we do each day that allows to gain stronger testimonies and stronger faith in our God.  It also allows us to gain stronger personal values and skills that we need to survive, compete, and thrive in this ever changing world of ours.  I have a stronger belief that by having faith that we will be guided when dealing with new things will allow us to confidently stepping out of our comfort zone whether for a class or missionary effort or in our daily business dealings.  I am looking forward to the challenge of this new class Visual Communication, and hope that I can grow through it for myself, my family and my business.


About MPalmatier

I am a mother, wife, business owner and part-time college student.
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