Comm 125 Gestalt Project


The attached image is my attempt at creating a Gestalt image from repeating triangle shapes. I started by researching ideas and generating a main idea to do a garden birdhouse image. I then made a few sketches and picked a shape to use. I decided on triangles because I liked the sharp contrasting lines that could be created.

Once deciding on a shape I made a mock up of the idea in scratch paper. I then began generating the shapes needed for the project and selected a focal point of the bird. I added grid lines to the paper to divide it into thirds and began building the design. I must say that even though I was using a ruler to align my individual pieces, I have decided that this project would probably have been more precise and easier to do with a computer. It may be hard to tell with the hand cut pieces, but the bird house is on the 1/3 grid line as well as the bird. The roof line and the bird’s beak and body center follow the same diagonal line. The contrasting triangles in the bird house where mocked out to line up. I also used the same repeating level of layers in the bird and the birdhouse for symmetry and repetition.

Once I had painstakingly laid out the pieces, I checked with my husband and daughter for their input on the design. After listening to their ideas, I decided to leave out the butterflies I had originally had in the side of the designed, as it seemed too busy. If you would like to see the rough sketches and mock up they can be viewed on my Facebook page at


About MPalmatier

I am a mother, wife, business owner and part-time college student.
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