Comm 125 – Tasteful Typography 4A




This is my first draft of the project





This is the final project



Screen Shot showing my work in word.

Process: I first selected a target audience for my project. Since I am the camp director for girl’s camp, I wanted something that would work for camp. My audience is teenage girls and our theme is Anchored in Faith…I’ve decided.   We will be traveling to Seward, Alaska, which is a boat harbor town. I then selected an image that I thought would appeal to my audience. I used an image that I could reprint for commercial use from deposit photo, in case I wanted to turn this into a flyer. After finding my image I uploaded it into Word and scaled it for a full bleed presentation on an 8.5 by 11 document. Using the features in Word I selected two contrasting fonts and created my title, repeating the color of the lighthouse dome for my font color and design element color. I added three design elements that double as repeating the life buoy shape, but also looking like links in an anchor chain. I then created the body text and saved the document as a PDF. The finish project is a jpeg that I created using on line.

Critique Report: I was lucky enough to receive four separate critiques. Sister Peterson critiqued the image I emailed her on Wednesday. I also received critiques via our group Facebook page by classmates Cristy Crawford and Lynn Reese on Wednesday evening. My husband also gave me feedback both on my draft and my final. Several of the responses I got suggested it was looking a bit too centered and others felt it should be raised up a bit. So, I did a bit of both. I removed part of the text that was out of alignment, and I reworked my title making it two lines with contrasting sizes in the same font. I also switched my design elements layout. When I did my word count I noticed my text didn’t meet the requirements so I reworked that, which necessitated raising the text.

Links to Images:

Font Name/Category: Title Tahoma Sans Serif; Body Garamond, Oldstyle


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