SPEAKER’S NOTES: Dieter Uchtdorf “Forget Me Not”

While walking through a garden with his wife he noticed a tiny flower whose name had known since a child a forget-me-not.
Tonight he wants to use its five petals as a metaphor to help us to remember never to forget five important things.
“First, forget not to be patient with yourself.”
. No One is perfect
. Those who we think are have weaknesses as well
. We are kind and forgiving of other’s weaknesses and short fallings we need to do the same for ourselves.
. It is a long journey to perfection, take delight in the little steps you make towards that goal.
“Second, forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice.”
. when we give up something good for something better.
. Sacrifice sleep to attend a child is good
. Sacrifice sleep to make hair accessory is not good
“Third, forget not to be happy now.”
. Story of Willy Wonka Golden Ticket – promised happiness by seeking after golden ticket diminished simple joy of candy bar.
. Story of righteous desires blocking everyday happiness, when we let dreams that have not come to light ruin our chances of enjoying the blessings that we have been given.
. Seek after worthy goals, but enjoy and discover the sweetness of everyday moments.
“Fourth, forget not the “why” of the gospel.”
. Don’t get bogged down in the how’s and what’s of the gospel
. Don’t let it become a burdensome task to add to a long list on the to-do list.
. Remember it is the pathway marked by our Savior leading to happiness.
“Fifth, forget not that the Lord loves you”
. As a child he felt small and insignificant.
. You are not forgotten.
.The Greatest of ALL knows your name.
. Remember that Heaven is closer than you think.


President Uchtdorf’s talk during Women’s Conference 2011 is one of my favorite talks. I am reminded of it every time I walk by the Alaska State Flower, the forget-me-not, in my little garden under my window.

This talk is very inspiring to women of all ages and I decided to keep this audience for my slideshow that I created for his talk. After making talking points from his original transcript, I picked a color scheme of a blue sky as it reflects the flower’s petals and is mentioned in his talk. I added a bar to create some contrast on the side of my slides, then also added a repeating single forget-me-not for detail in the bottom corner. I created a sketch for each of the five main points of the talk, a cover sheet, and an additional thought I felt was equally important and identified the type of images I wanted. (see sketch image attached below)


I then went to task selecting images and creating my PowerPoint using the sketch that I created as a guideline.


I received two critiques to my slide presentation. Rebecca Garcia provided comments in our Facebook group. She suggested changes to keep my titles consistent and pointed out spacing problems. I did take her suggestions and made some changes. I did not however find a way to fix the perceived spacing issue between my large and smaller font in one title.

I received my second critique in person by my daughter. She pointed out the titles felt too centered, and some of the images didn’t have a similar flow and feel to them. I decided to then break my titles into two lines and right align them against the bar of color on the edge of the slide. I also went back and picked a few different images so that all of them were photos. I really liked the new Gospel Why image and felt that worked out really good. I also decided to add a summary slide and brought in President Uchtdorf’s thought that heaven is closer than we think by adding an image of a temple.

So after I uploaded my previous slideshow (which because of the extension on this project I have now loaded into this post) I received another critique from Julie Peterson via email. She suggested that while my slides were consistent the technique I used in editing my photos wasn’t and should be. So I found new images and removed the background on all of them. She also suggested better alignment of the text, which I did.

I also moved the small flower as she suggested in an attempt to make it more along with the focal point and not a tangent. Hopefully this revised show is even better than the first.

Lastly, I altered my Font and changed it to High Tower Text


FONT: High Tower Text
Color Scheme: Monochromatic, Blue

Golden ticket:
Single forget me not flower:
Forget me not:
Path rio
Mother with sick child:
Self Reflection:
God loves you
Clear sky image:
Tiny steps:
Everyday moments:
New Images:
Golden ticket




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3 Responses to FORGET ME NOT

  1. rlabraham says:

    Very nice. I like how your skills were displayed by how you shared your chosenpicture in each slide. I like that you chose to use a part of the picturesinstead of the whole. It really directs the focus. Great job. Check out mine: Our classmate did agreat job also:


  2. mudmatt18 says:

    I really like the pictures that you chose and that you were able to cut out the backgrounds. I think it helps remove any distracting things in the back and allows you to focus directly on the important things. The flower on each slide helped instill the theme of the Forget Me Nots even more. Shaunessy Neel also used that same talk for hers at I like that even though it was the same talk, both presentations were so different.


  3. cas12037 says:

    Michelle, I like the images for your slide show and the little flower design element repeated in all your slides.
    You might enjoy work by Lynn Reese at


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