ANCHORED IN FAITH – Magazine Project Preparation Project



Tansina Point Project 7

This week I am tasked with practicing my design principles in preparing a two-page Church magazine article. After several days of writers block, I finally had to call in a Mulligan (extension) for this project as I was camp director for our Young Women’s annual ward camp. After returning home from camp I decided to prepare my article as if writing for the New Era for the youth regarding my experience at camp. I have chosen several images that I took during my hikes this past week, as well as one or two photographs from the internet. In reviewing the colors in the pictures and the mood of the story I decided to select a triadic color scheme of brick, indigo and green. Here is my story that I wish to tell.


“Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.” Ether 12:4

This was the theme that I picked for our annual Young Women’s camp this year. Little did I know when I selected it that God would manifest this to me in such a personal and majestic way. After much thought and prayers, I selected the location of Seward, Alaska, and a backpacking adventure to Caines Head for camp. This trip would give them the opportunity to have a wilderness experience, but still be within quick reach of outside help if needed.

Because our location was a bit remote, I decided to pre-hike it before our camp so I knew what to expect. The hike over was breathtakingly beautiful. The path was dry and moderately easy going. I was comfortably able to make it past the two dangerous tidal sections with no problem. I felt confident about taking the girls there and was excited for Wednesday to arrive so the experience could begin.

Wednesday, dawned grey and cloudy with a weather forecast of rain for the entire week in Seward. We packed up the girls and headed out. By the time we reached Seward the clouds were seeping a steady drizzle of rain.
If Wednesday’s drizzly weather wasn’t bad enough, Thursday’s morning steady rainfall was enough to dishearten anyone. But we steadfastly packed up camp and started on the trail. Now, there is something very unique about the Caines Head trail, it can only be accomplished during a low tide, as there are two rocky points that jut out into the ocean which get completely consumed by the waves as the tide races back in towards the mountain. We had to reach that second point before the tidal waters covered it.
Very quickly my youngest daughter and I fell behind the main group of hikers, as neither one of us was use to carrying an actual pack full of gear. As we got further into the hike we both began to feel the exhaustion seep into our legs and backs. Struggling to stay positive and supportive for my daughter I reached out to my husband via cell phone for encouragement and strengthening. He lift our spirits and helped us pick up our pace and we made it through the first rock outpoint and caught up with part of the group.
Shortly after, however, we again fell behind as we saw our fellow hikers fade out of sight. This time our pace slowed drastically and caused each of us too begin to silently pray for strength and the ability to make the final rock outcrop before the tide. It quickly became a race of our will to remain steadfast and faithful against the driving will of the ocean to reach its final landfall.

The final rock point came into view and my heart began to flutter. I could see that the lower end of the path was already covered in water. My daughter and I instinctively knew we were running out of time and pushed ourselves through our exhaustion to pick up our pace. As we were nearing the rocks a joyful sight appeared, my older daughter’s head popped into view over the rocks, followed by one of our priesthood holders. They were able to safely help my youngest over the slippery rocks to safety as I waded through the ankle deep water to the shore on the other side.

I joyfully thanked Heavenly Father for his answers to our prayers. This event opened my eyes to the power and Glory of God in a very profound way. I saw his hand in everything that we experienced the rest of the weekend. I witnessed the beauty of his creations in the manifestation of a waterfall and river that did not exist a few days prior. I experienced the power of the priesthood and the blessings of steadfast faith as prayers were answered for dry fire wood and a safe place to camp with the girls. I was able to see the strength and faithfulness of our Young Women as they truly lived and applied the Gospel during this trying weekend together.

The Youth of our Church are truly amazing and I was the one who was taught the lesson of being anchored in faith. I truly have decided that I wish to be anchored in that faith. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return to him. I am thankful for the Gospel and its protective power in my life.

So far my favorite sketch layout is this one.


favorite sketch Project 7

Here are some of the images I want to work with for the final project.


Rocky point Project 7

Camp 4 Project 7

Camp 3 Project 7

Camp 2 Project 7

Camp 1 Project 7

Image credit: Michelle Palmatier and Karen Tyler personal images
Rocky Out crops: Tonsina Pointe;_ylt=AwrTcYIxvHNVS5AAEiUunIlQ
Rocky Point:

Here is a video and image of the final project. To see how they came about visit my blog post on July 10th titled Magazine Layout.

Final print copy


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