Social Media Project – Comm 125

8AMichellePalmatier Facebook Banner-page-001

The object of this project was to develop a social media strategy for a company of our choosing.  I have decided on the following Social Media Strategy:

Company: Alaska Dancer Emporium
Objective: Bring increased awareness of the store and increase sales over the summer months.
Strategy: The store is located in a designation location that is not easily seen by the street and often times clients claim they feel like they have been on a treasure hunt to find the store. I have decided to play off of that and create a Facebook banner and posts that center around “discovering” the store and the treasures we have to offer. I have chosen to run three discount offers and have created related posts for each of them.

Audience:  Typically my audience is adult women ages 25-50.

Here is the screen shot of the Facebook Page with the new banner.

8aCapture 1

I posted each of the offers so that I could screen shot them, but at this time have only left the Discover the Beauty of Russian Pointe active.

8a Capture 2


Creative Process: I decided to continue working in Word as I am still not feeling comfortable with it. I selected an image that made me think of a treasure hunt with a compass and map and even gold coins which could represent treasure, but also represent the savings that they can obtain from shopping these offers. I added a tinted bar so that my typography would show better. I then selected to use a larger white font for the discover for contrast and block the rest of the text under it in a smaller black text. I also added a burgundy border to the bottom to tie it in with the store’s long standing color scheme. I repeated the burgundy border and the typography  for each of the sale offer flyers that I created.

Here are the individual photos of the actual Facebook posts

8AMichellePalmatier Facebook Post 3-page-001

8aMichellePalmatier Facebook Post1-page-001

8AMichellePalmatier Facebook Post2-page-001

Critique: I was too late with my completed project to obtain a critique from my classmate. My post with just the banner was confusing and didn’t get any actual critiques. I did receive an email from instructor Julie Person, who mentioned that the black text was hard to read and to add something that tied it to my company better.

I added a lighter transparency to the background of the black text and changed it to Lucida Sans Unicode to make it easier to read. I also added my store name to the banner.

I  received critique from my family who reminded me to keep items aligned with something and not too close to the edge. I switched the direction of the flag and pointe shoe and moved the text to the right side. In my banner I made sure that the text was lined up with the button on the compass. I also lined up the text in the shoe sale with the point of the jazz shoe.

Typography: Discover: Broadway category decorative
Typography: Minor titles/body text: Lucinda Sans Unicode – Sans Serif

Image Sources:
Gold coins
Ballet shoes:
Tan jazz shoe
Black jazz shoe
Oxford tap shoe
Kids tap shoe
Ballroom shoe
Kids ballet shoes
Red white blue shoes


About MPalmatier

I am a mother, wife, business owner and part-time college student.
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One Response to Social Media Project – Comm 125

  1. cas12037 says:

    Michelle, you project came together nicely, I liked how you include images of shoes that identifies what your company and message are.I liked the contrast in color and typography in your infographic. Great Job!


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