Failed attempt at 9A Photographic Project

violin_4 violin_3




I was so excited for this project.  I learned so much about lighting and camera angles.  I got my pictures taken early and my basic edits done and thought that I was set to go.

That is where the smooth road ended.  I quickly sank into the mire of photoshop.  The video tutorials made sense, and even with them playing and trying to follow along I was unable to finish my project.

So I am posting the pictures that I took in hopes of partial credit.

My subject was my violin and my title was going to be Violin Lessons.  I did basic edits in lightspeed with the contrast and color.  I found that the early morning light outdoors was the best.

I used photoshop to clean up some shadows and sharpen edges and adjust focus on a few images.  And I was able to get a macro shot in and blend the lace dolley with the looking down onto the violin.  I then removed the background from the violin show that it was more of a focal point.

The remainder of the images below are the ones that I chose to put in the graph, but I was unable to get them into the squares.

20150618-DSC_0068 20150618-DSC_0066 20150618-DSC_0059 20150618-DSC_0054 20150617-DSC_0036 20150617-DSC_0035 20150617-DSC_0024 20150617-DSC_0023


It really bums me out that I had such a hard time with the program, because I thought that I captured great images.

I was also unable to obtain critques because I was too late finishing the project.

Hope you enjoy the images anyways.


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I am a mother, wife, business owner and part-time college student.
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3 Responses to Failed attempt at 9A Photographic Project

  1. I feel your pain!! These projects are consuming my life! This project took me days and I also had a hard time with the programs. I really like how your grid turned out and the close up photos of the violin are beautiful! I also love your blended image. Beautiful job! You can check out my projects at 🙂 – Jessica Ashton


  2. bro78001 says:

    I loved the pictures of your violin. My husband also plays the violin. The collage turned out well. Love the individual ones too. Here’s the one I created: . Hope you enjoy it.


  3. jbfarley says:

    This was an interesting project and Photoshop takes some getting used to but it can have some great results. You have some great photos and the edits you did seemed to turn out pretty well. I think you did a nice job capturing the contrast and colors of the different parts of the violin. I think like the close-up of the bridge the best, good job. Take a look at Mandee’s project, she had a good subject too


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