Series of 12 Photo Project Redo

Ok, I refused to let Photoshop get the best of me so I sat with our wonderful tutor Ben, and he helped me fix my grid issues.  Well sort of anyway.  Still took me three hours, but I got it.

Grid Collection

Grid Collection


So this is my grid collection of the violin shots that I took.  The bow is a foreground focus.  The second image I actually laid on the ground and had my lovely assistant hold the violin as if she was playing.  Of interesting note that shot was taken at 11:00 p.m. and I was able to capture it without a flash.  I really liked the image in bottom left, I stood by Lexi and focused on her hand.  The stair rail and decking added really cool lines.  I did very small editing to these images, just mostly increasing the contrast and white and dark.  I did however take out a shadow with the stamp tool on the image that focuses on the tuning pegs.

Blended Photos

Blended Photos

This is the image I captured of my entire scene from a higher advantage point.  I blended it with a macro shot of the white lace placemat that it is sitting on.  The lighting for this shot was from the open window behind the subject and dimmed lighting from above.

Full Scene

Full Scene

This is the full scene taken from a traditional angle using the rule of thirds with the violin and and music book.  I liked the touch of the piano keys and the breaking barrier of the violin bow.  The lighting was late evening Alaska light at 10:30 at night and I used a soft blur effect to soften the picture.



This was my favorite edit.  I did crop the image to get a better leading edge.  I then darkened the image with a mask and added a blur of it.  I then removed the blur just on the top scroll to bring it into focus and add contrast.


This is my favorite image.  It was taken early the next morning at 6:00 a.m. to capture soft light that didn’t need a flash.  I like the way the violin captures a soft impression of what is behind it and the lines provided by the siding and the railing.  The lamp post hits on the third line along with the music and the violin is leading into the photo.  I did very little edits to this.  I did use lightspeed to increase the contrast and vibrance, and I used the stamp tool in Photoshop to take out a bright white spot on the violin.


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One Response to Series of 12 Photo Project Redo

  1. Lynn says:

    Michelle, very well done!! I love your subject. Your pictures are well done, as well as your collage! I hope it was worth the time you put into it because it looks beautiful!


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