10A Comm 125 – On Golden Pond Movie Poster

Movie Poster

Movie Poster




Message/Audience: This assignment was to create a movie poster to introduce myself to a new group of co-workers.    I wanted the message to be bright and dreamy.  The poster is to reflect on the fact that my husband and I are nearing the time in our lives where it will soon be just the two of us and we are a little bit excited for the prospect.   We have two grown boys and our oldest daughter just graduate high school and is planning to attend college out of town.  When our youngest daughter, who is entering into her teenage years, decided she didn’t want to hang with mom and dad the other night, it caused us to realize that in only a few short years it will just be the two of us.  I remembered the movie On Golden Pond and thought that signified the phase that we are starting to prepare for.  The audience for this poster is mostly our friends and family and potential co-workers.

Critique Report:  I received a critique from Sister Peterson during the Wednesday video.  She made suggestions to blend my image a little more and ground or move the dog that was at my shoulder level in the photo.  She also suggested that I work on the typography a little more.  I also received critiques from Kayce, Cristy and Susan through our class Facebook page.  Typography and the placement of the dog were all discussed.

I tried a variety of things to change where Bailey was placed, but she proved to be as difficult to work with in Photoshop as she is in real life.  So I hid her behind the background by painting her out of that layer.  I also added highlights along the cutout lines of our image to soften it and blend it a bit more.

I worked with Ben our tutor for help with the typography and learning how to move and change text without accidentally deleting it each time I attempted to change it.    I was able to add a drop shadow and bevel to the Golden Pond and alter the size and layout.  Ben also made the suggestion to change the color and move our names, which I liked much better. He also suggested to lighten the bottom of the image to make the movie font more readable. I learned how to alter my brush for different effects and was able to achieve a better blend of the images.

Images:  The lake image was taken by me at Lake Cheney here in town.  I staged and framed the picture of my husband, me and Bailey; but because Bailey would move every time I did I had my son come out and actually capture the shot.

Fonts:  Title -HighTower (decorative); Actor Names and Coming Soon – Arial (sans serif);  Movie detail text – SF Movie Poster  Font (sans serif)


About MPalmatier

I am a mother, wife, business owner and part-time college student.
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3 Responses to 10A Comm 125 – On Golden Pond Movie Poster

  1. This turned out very well! I saw your draft, and you changed your final to look professional! All the changes with blending and changing the typography made an amazing difference! Great job!

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  2. mandee grant says:

    Michelle, great job on your movie poster! I love how it turned out, and can appreciate the theme behind your project. The overall look and quality of your poster is really impressive– great job on what I consider to be one of our most difficult projects.

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  3. Well done on the poster Michelle. I like that you were able to tie your own experience into this assignment. Bravo. You can check out mine @: https://twentyone4thstreet.wordpress.com/


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