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Process: I started this project by first deciding which company I was going to do this for. My Husband runs a non-profit, Alaska Hemophilia Association, and we are in the beginning stages of designing a webpage for his organization so I decided to run up a template for them. We looked over a few other websites and found features on a few that we liked and decided on what our navigation buttons would be. I then sat down and prepared sketches trying to blend a few of the things we liked into one idea. From there I located images that we liked and decided on a split complementary color scheme of red, teal, and muted orange.

After selecting a design shape and color scheme, I went into Photoshop and played with shapes to develop a shape map. I didn’t like the way that the flat teal looked in the header and footer so I found a really neat design technique on the web. The teal for the header and footer is created out of the mountain picture featured in the webpage. I first blurred it until there was no definition left, then I alter the highs, and shadow color scale. It is interesting to see how it turned out differently on the top and bottom. I believe it is because of where the photo was placed in the masking layer and how much sky vs. land was showing. I was very proud of the way the header turned out.

Critique: I received critique from Sister Peterson by email on Thursday as well as Susan and Cristy on our Facebook page. Most agreed that it look good. I was told to check the donate button and I realigned that so it wasn’t stretched. The Navigation bar needed work but even with the grid lines and everything showing that it lines up, it still looks a little off. I decided to let it go before I made it worse. I was able to clean up the lines on my swirl that were a little off when I had to walk away from the project after working on it for 6 hours. What a difference the break made. I was able to manage my text quickly and change my edges quickly after giving myself time to unwind. Overall I am very pleased with the final project.

Color Scheme: Split Complementary (red,teal,orange)

Fonts: Hightower-Decorative; Arial Bold – sans serif

Images: Alaska Hemophilia Association

Facebook https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQvL_SaqDygTom5DD9_3adMp049SUYL0t8hsavI3LGBh7bODj2gaw

McKinley2: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6B8FMBsEcjvR7SjWd_qmXoHpJk4WwvrReMaakA8ggBVYk3GgFmQ


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I am a mother, wife, business owner and part-time college student.
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4 Responses to WebDesign – Project 11A Comm 125

  1. cra04005 says:

    Looks like you pulled this together nicely! I like how you balanced the copyright info with the FB button. The color scheme you chose really supports the images well. I still really like the golden swishy path (I’ve got hot find an accurate term for that) that runs from left to right. Nice work.

    Check out Lynn’s project at: https://luckeyducks.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/web-page-layout-project/.


  2. I loved that you had a “real purpose” for your design! I thought your logo and how you did a nontraditional flow. It made the page interesting to read! Lynn Reese did a nice project as well. Her layout is very structured. It is interesting how to opposite designs can still be visually appealing. https://luckeyducks.wordpress.com/category/design/


  3. bro78001 says:

    Your design is good. Your typography is good. The color scheme is good. The only thing I don’t see is the copyright. By far, you did a great job! I know it takes extra time to add special shapes. Here’s the one I created – https://ruskeportfolio.wordpress.com/ . Hope you enjoy it! Susan Ruske


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