Magazine Layout Project



Shape Map

Shape Map

Sketch[/captionSketch Sketch


The first step in my Magazine Layout Project was to create sketches and a shape map. I originally had selected a triadic color scheme for contrast. When I did my shape map and looked at my images I decided to revise that to a monochromatic green color scheme. After designing my shape map in InDesign, I attempted to insert my images and text. I soon found out that the images I had originally selected where not high enough quality for the project and had to spend time picking new images. Because of this change, I ended up redoing my entire project. Luckily for me InDesign came easier than Photoshop. The above is a rough draft, with a few changes left to be done. I want to alter the story as I have extra space to fill and I need to do a shape for my quote box.

Fonts: Body and Header Arial (sans serif) Subheader: Brush script (script)

Image Sources:


Rocky Point:

Critique: So after a video critique with Daysi in Goggle+ on Friday night, where she pointed out some spacing issues that I had and a few leftover hyphens I went in and made those adjustments. Susan also offered a critique in our Facebook group with some additional spacing glitches that I was able to fix. Our instructor suggested via email that I work on the proximity between my F and the rest of the title and to keep it all the same size. I made those adjustments as well. Then after printing a second copy I went back into InDesign and altered the opacity of the images because the images on the second page were printing much darker then the first page.  I also had problems with the top and bottom blue printing different colors even though I knew they were color matched with the eyedropper.  So I went in and discovered that they had different opacities, so I fixed that as well. I also matched the drop caps color to the title color for additional unity in my piece.

Here is a video presenting the final printed document.

And this is the final image

Final print copy


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