Final Presentation

Process: The above is my final presentation for comm 125.  It is a portfolio of all of the projects that I have done over the semester.  Most of the work was already done, but I did go in and make a few changes in some of my projects. In my Tasteful Typography, I moved my body text closer to my title and brought the repeating design elements below the text. I altered the subtitle bar in my Social Media sample so that my store name was contained in it to allow readers to identify the post with my brand. I then altered my Web Design to remove the tangent created by the body text, realigned the header text so that it wasn’t distorted and added a new picture that was sharper. I also altered the four slides that I picked from the Power Point project. I added greater contrast in my titles by changing the font and I reduced the repeating graphic and placed it further away from the text.

After I made the changes I inserted the images of each project into its own page in a new Power Point presentation. I altered the repeating design bar’s color at the bottom of the page to reflect a color from the image and brought continuity to the project. I then created a cover and closing page for an introduction and closing of the slide show.

Audience and Message:  My audience for this project is potential employers and for my family and friends.  I wanted my message to show that I have learned a lot from the course and built my skill levels from the ground up to where now I am able to manage these programs.
Critique:  I received several critiques from my fellow students through our Facebook page.  Susan and Daysi didn’t offer much changes to make and Matt suggested I change the font for more contrast in my titles.  I did change the font style and color for my name to make it pop a little more.  In the individual slides I decided to stay with the same font and just add a slight shadow to add contrast.  I really wanted something simple and consistent for my project.  Sister Peterson offered a critique via email to make certain that my headlines and projects were aligned.  I rechecked them and verified that they were on the same grid lines for justified right side alignment, so I pretty much left them alone.  I did follow a suggestion from one of the video critiques to enlarge my project images, I managed this by lowering my repeating element bar to the very bottom of the page so that I had more room for my projects.

I really enjoyed this class and all of the fun techniques that I learned about visual communication and design.  I will have to remember to practice, practice, practice them so that I don’t forget.

Font:  Name: Baskerville Old Face – category Oldstyle; Bar titles: Arial Bold – category Sans Serif.


About MPalmatier

I am a mother, wife, business owner and part-time college student.
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7 Responses to Final Presentation

  1. cra04005 says:

    Michelle, this is great work! I like how you changed your slides color scheme to match your projects. I also really like how you end with your statement that your ready to build for someone else. Great job this semester!


  2. bro78001 says:

    A person doesn’t need to offer changes when the materials are done so well. Love your portfolio! If I were an employer, I would be impressed. This will be a great calling card to share. Here’s the one I created – Loved working with you this semester! Susan Ruske


  3. We’re done with class! woo hoo! 🙂 You did great this semester and it’s been awesome learning with you. I wish you the best in your future.


  4. ree12018 says:

    Michelle, it has been so fun working with you this semester. I am really impressed with all your projects. Your portfolio turned out great! It is really well done. You will do well. Here is the link to mine: Good luck! Thank you for all your help this semester.


  5. mandee grant says:

    Michelle! You were one of my saving graces during this semester! I really appreciated your feedback and support, thanks for being a great classmate! I loved seeing your collection of projects in your final portfolio. Good work, and thanks again! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors!


  6. Michelle. Thanks for your comments. I enjoyed your portfolio and wish you the best of luck.


  7. cas12037 says:

    Michelle, loved your last slide with tagline. looking through your projects I realized I enjoyed your work through out the semester; you have some really nice stuff to show potential employers thanks for sharing and helping out with critiques and comments.


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