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I am a mother, wife, business owner and part-time college student.

Final Presentation

Process: The above is my final presentation for comm 125.  It is a portfolio of all of the projects that I have done over the semester.  Most of the work was already done, but I did go in and make … Continue reading

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Magazine Layout Project

Sketch[/caption Sketch ] The first step in my Magazine Layout Project was to create sketches and a shape map. I originally had selected a triadic color scheme for contrast. When I did my shape map and looked at my images … Continue reading

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WebDesign – Project 11A Comm 125

  Process: I started this project by first deciding which company I was going to do this for. My Husband runs a non-profit, Alaska Hemophilia Association, and we are in the beginning stages of designing a webpage for his organization … Continue reading

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10A Comm 125 – On Golden Pond Movie Poster

    “>   Message/Audience: This assignment was to create a movie poster to introduce myself to a new group of co-workers.    I wanted the message to be bright and dreamy.  The poster is to reflect on the fact … Continue reading

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Series of 12 Photo Project Redo

Ok, I refused to let Photoshop get the best of me so I sat with our wonderful tutor Ben, and he helped me fix my grid issues.  Well sort of anyway.  Still took me three hours, but I got it. … Continue reading

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Failed attempt at 9A Photographic Project

    I was so excited for this project.  I learned so much about lighting and camera angles.  I got my pictures taken early and my basic edits done and thought that I was set to go. That is where … Continue reading

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8C LFC Photography Activity

  So this week we got to play with photography.  After figuring out how to work the camera I borrowed it become fun.  The Alaska summer sun proved hard to deal with.   Even though all of the images where … Continue reading

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