Design – Comm 125

This is our 5A project.  A flier for a charity event.


Here is the introduction video for Comm-125. I am so excited for this class to start. I can see how visual communication can help in my calling, my business, and my volunteer work.

Here is Week 4A Tasteful Typography Project



4 Responses to Design – Comm 125

  1. mandee grant says:

    Hi Michelle. I love the overall message of your design, and how you tied your quote of the light of faith to a lighthouse. The image itself is visually appealing with the pops of red. I like how you used the red in the title and design of your text. I feel inspired by the words and by your design– well done!

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  2. mandee grant says:

    Here’s another great design from a fellow classmate!


  3. I like everything here I just think you could have moved the title and body to the upper left corner to make it more legible.

    Check out my blog:

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